SQL Injection (SQLi) is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of an application. A SQL injection attack occurs when a web application does not validate input values from i.e. an input parameter or a web form before passing them to SQL queries that will be executed on a database server. Separating code from data, validating input data, and assign least privileged access are some ways to protect against SQL injection attacks.

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager and SQL Secure help protect against SQL injection by identifying and alerting abnormal activities and providing real-time auditing of all login activity to SQL server

Monitor, audit, and alert
on user activity and data change for airtight database security

Your databases contain your most valuable business assets, making data security a critical business function. Idera SQL Compliance Manager protects those assets — and your peace of mind — with robust alerting features and audit reporting tools. What’s more, SQL Compliance Manager helps you address your industry’s tough regulatory compliance requirements with confidence, and ensure your SQL Server is HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant, and more.

  • Monitor, alert, and log access to databases and servers
  • Scan your databases to identify personal data and other sensitive data
  • Create trustworthy audit records and reports of security events
  • Validate that the audit trail repository has not been tampered with.