What’s New in Diagnostic Manager 11.0?

This release of SQL Diagnostic Manager completes a series of enhancements across several releases to extend coverage of Azure Database-as-a-Service for SQL Server.  Since many Azure SQL customers will be using a combination of on-premises SQL Server, SQL Server installed in Azure IaaS environments, and some combination of the various licensing options for Azure Database-as-a-Service. IDERA has sought to maintain consistency and compatibility of monitoring across environments to minimize the learning curve of database professionals supporting a mix of these environments.  No separate plug-ins or products are required.

  • Full Support for the Azure SQL family of products including Managed Instance, Elastic Pool, and Single Database products. 
  • New alerts and alert template for Azure SQL – All existing applicable alerts with on-premises SQL Server are enabled in addition to new alerts specific to Azure SQL.
    • Alerts to identify bottlenecks and insufficient resources allocated that may affect application performance.
    • Alerts to notify when resources may be over-allocated and money might be saved by reducing resources assigned.
  • Extensibility – Extend monitoring of Azure SQL by adding your own Custom Counters from the Azure System Counter API using Azure credentials you provide.
  • Discovery – Discover all Azure SQL assets associated with Azure credentials provided to facilitate addition of new databases, instances, and elastic pools as they become available through the Add Server Wizard of SQL Diagnostic Manager.
  • Consistency with on-premises SQL Server monitoring. - Monitor Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server from a single-pane-of-glass and an interface organized in the same manner as on-premises SQL Server monitoring to avoid the learning curve associated with different products or plug-ins required to monitor Azure SQL.

In addition to these new features for Azure SQL, look for improvements in coming releases for other SQL Server Platform-as-a-Service offerings as well as further developments in the user experience modernization effort.

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