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Access Rights Manager

Manage and audit access rights across your IT infrastructure

Understand and act on high-risk access

  • Minimize the impact of insider threats
  • Improve compliance by detecting changes
  • Identify who has access to what fast
  • Fast, accurate account provisioning
  • Delegate access rights management
Solarwinds Access Rights Manager




Key Features

  • Features Overview:
    Learn how SolarWinds access management system can help improve IT and data security.
    Improve security posture and mitigate insider threats
    Automate access rights management, analysis, and enforcement through identification of insecure accounts while providing audit trails.
    Demonstrate compliance
    Quickly generate and deliver comprehensive user access reports for regulatory compliance and audits.
    Easily manage user permissions
    Simple user authentication and permissions management with automated and templatized provisioning and deprovisioning.
    Enhance productivity
    Help reduce IT workload through self-service portal and delegation of access rights management to data owners.
    Unexpected simplicity
    Powerful and intuitive access rights monitoring and access management system for companies of all sizes for threat protection from the inside out. We call it Security Simplifie
  • Monitoring of Active Directory
    Monitor and audit access rights changes to Active Directory and Group Policy.
    Monitor, analyze, and audit Active Directory and Group Policy with ARM access rights and access management system to see what changes have been made, by whom, and when those changes occurred.

  • Auditing for Windows File Share
    Alert on unauthorized access or changes to Windows file servers.
    ARM access management software can help prevent data leaks and unauthorized changes to sensitive files and data through visualization of permissions on file servers.

  • Monitoring of Microsoft Exchange

  • Analyze and administer Exchange access rights.

    Simplify Exchange management and auditing to help prevent data breaches. Track changes to mailboxes, mailbox folders, calendars, and public folders with ARM access management system.

  • SharePoint access monitoring and management
    Analyze and administer SharePoint access rights.

    ARM access management system displays SharePoint permissions in a tree structure allowing you to quickly see who is authorized to access a given SharePoint resource.

  • User provisioning and management
    Create, modify, activate, deactivate, and delete user access to services and files.
    ARM access rights management software can set up and manage new user accounts generally in seconds with standardized role-specific templates that provide access to file servers and Exchange.
  • User permissions analysis
    See group memberships from Active Directory and access rights to file servers.

    Help protect from internal security threats by analyzing user access to services and file servers with visibility into privileged accounts and group memberships from Active Directory and file servers.

  • Custom report generation
    Help satisfy the auditor and comply with regulatory requirements.

    Create and generate management and auditor-ready compliance reports showing user access rights in just a few clicks. Log activities in Active Directory and file servers by user with ARM access rights management software.

  • Self-service Permissions Portal
    Request access rights directly from the data owner.

    Put access rights of data directly in the hands of the data owner instead of the administrator with a web-based, self-service permissions portal.

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