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Network Performance Monitor

Network monitoring software designed to reduce network outages and improve performance


Key Features

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring
  • Network Insights for deeper visibility
  • Intelligent maps
  • NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting
  • Smarter scalability for large environments
  • Advanced alerting


Starts at $2,955



SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. This affordable, easy-to-use tool delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable IT organisations to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance. Moreover, using dynamic network topology maps and automated network discovery, users can deploy and keep up with ever-evolving network. Thanks to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, now organisations can really get an answer to any question concerning the performance of network devices.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12 Dashboard



Nothing is easier than setting up a Network IP Address Range and clicking the GO button to start building out network maps automatically. Solarwinds has integrated “Network Sonar” to make automatic discovery and population of network devices into NPM much easier.

After Network Sonar finishes the scan with the provided SNMP credentials, users can even go as far as instructing “Network Atlas” to create or update a Network Topology Map to show all network connected devices in an easy to read Network Diagram. Moreover, SolarWinds’ OpenStreetMaps feature allows to drill-down from the world map to the device status.  Users can even utilise geolocation capability to automatically position devices on the map.


The NetPath feature uses advanced probing to feeze troubleshooting network  and other performance problems easier than ever before.

With the new NetPath feature, system administrators and network engineers can detect the network path from a source computer and trace it all the way to the destination service. This feature provides an unprecedented level of visibility, allowing network engineers to monitor performance and check the characteristics of every network mode and link, making it easier to find problem spots and fix them before they have a chance to slow the network to a crawl.

NETWORK INSIGHT FOR F5 BIG-IP Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

Network Insight is another highly useful feature of Network Performance Monitor, designed to give a comprehensive performance analysis even if the application service is spread across many LTMs, GTMs, or dozens of servers. System administrators and network engineers are sure to appreciate this feature when trying to scale their networks, balance loads between servers and detect bottlenecks that could slow performance.


SolarWinds NPM enables to setup network alerts.  By creating multiple conditions users can respond to any set of circumstances on the network.
Conditional Group Dependencies allows to group connected devices which enable users to receive only a single critical alert if there is a problem with the core routers.  As a result, users can distinguish between what’s really down and what is merely unreachable. The resulting alerts are delivered via any of the usual methods, email, paging, SNMP traps, text-to-speech, syslog messaging.


Network engineers and system administrators supply the office floor plan, and NPM v12 will use triangulation of wireless points to record the strength of the signal in each room and display the resulting heat map on the NPM console. By knowing where signal strength is low, users can reposition the wireless points to improve network coverage.


Having the right UI is always critical, and Solarwinds NPM provides a user interface that is simple to understand yet robust enough to provide a comprehensive view of the network. It is easy to see everything at a glance, and the statistical network baselines provide additional information, network engineers and system administrators can use to optimise their systems and make the most of their available resources.


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