The Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Products Family – Not just another SQL Tuning tool !

Most SQL tuning products in the market aim to provide better query plan visualization, better statistics analysis, high cost query plan steps indication or even rule-of-thumb syntax recommendations. But very few of them can provide satisfactory tuning results directly. They require users to have in-depth SQL tuning knowledge to manually intervene the SQL tuning process amid their busy daily duties. In fact users are looking for one-button-solution tool that have all the required SQL tuning knowledge built-in and can tune a SQL statement automatically without the need of users’ intervention. If you are looking for such tools, these are the products you must look into !

Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL®
There are not many SQL tuning tools for MySQL database. If you are eager to get a one-button-solution tool that can tune MySQL SQL statement automatically without the need of your intervention, then Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for MySQL may be your only choice. You can just sit back, relax, and wait for the best SQL alternative to come up on your screen.

World’s Leading A.I. SQL Rewrite technology for MySQL database
Tosska A.I. SQL Rewrite Engine is probably the world’s only A.I.-based machine SQL Rewrite solution for MySQL database. It not only saves developer’s time to rewrite a problematic SQL statement to make it faster, but also explores the potential best SQL syntax that even an experienced developer cannot discover. Tosska A.I. rewritten SQL syntax can also work with our Hints-injection algorithm to further explore more potential query plans that even most experienced developers cannot achieve.


A 100 times faster SQL rewrite is generated on the right hand side.


Tosska proprietary Tree Plan format for your easy understanding
Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL® has a market leading explain plan function for MySQL. The proprietary Tree Plan format provides rich statistics information like what is provided by Tubular Explain from MySQL, as well as a hierarchical structure like what is displaying in visual plan. The beauty is that all such information can be displayed in a small window for easy reading.

Tosska Tree Plan






Tosska SQL Tuning Expert for Oracle® (TSE™ and TSE Pro™) version 4

Targeted for the Oracle database, Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) for Oracle® and Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™) for Oracle® are complete SQL tuning solutions that provide SQL syntax rewriteQuery Hints injection and index recommendation to maximize the performance of a SQL without compromise in any specific feature’s limitation.

They give users the ultimate SQL performance solution by just point and click without the need of user’s involvement. What you have to do is to input your problematic SQL statement into the product and press a button. You don’t have to do analysis, guessing or testing during the entire SQL tuning process. The improved SQL statement will be benchmarked with your original SQL statement side by side without suspicion.




World’s Leading A.I. SQL Rewrite technology for Oracle database
Tosska’s A.I. SQL Rewrite plus the A.I. Hints Injection Engine is the world’s leading machine SQL Tuning technology for Oracle database. It saves developer’s time to rewrite a problematic SQL by exploring the potenial best SQL syntax and hints injection that even an experienced developer cannot discover.

Plan Control feature to tune your SQL even if you don’t have the source code
Tosska SQL Tuning Expert Pro (TSE Pro™) also comes with an innovative Plan Control function that improves your SQL performance without touching your program source code. Users can even deploy different performance query plans for various sizes of production databases without the effort of keeping multiple versions of the program source, it is especially suitable for package application users who don’t own the source code of their applications. For application developers, a problematic SQL statement can be improved without going through the time-consuming unit test, integration test and program implementation required in software development cycle.


Intelligent Workload-Based Index Advisor
Apart from the intelligent SQL tuning features, a powerful indexes recommendation function is also provided in TSE Pro™ to help users to review and explore more potential indexes that are helpful but may be missing in current database schema.


It is an intelligent and cost-aware index advice engine that helps users to review their existing database schema if there are any new indexes which can help to improve a given SQL workload. The engine can handle up to thousands of SQL statements and give you a reasonable recommendation that even human experts cannot achieve.




Product feature comparison of TSE Pro™ and TSE™






Tosska In-Memory Maestro (TIM™) for Oracle® automates the In-memory SQL optimization process and provide In-memory objects recommendations for a given SQL workload with our proprietary artificial intelligent engine.


Tosska In-memory Maestro (TIM™) also provides user friendly In-memory simulation function for user to virtually evaluate their in-memory table objects for one SQL or a given SQL workload captured from SGA or AWR without actually populating those table objects.